Blog updates

This is a short post to inform you of a few updates to our blog.

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Firstly, as you can see at the top, I’ve added a Contact page. Here you’ll find details of our Twitter account (the most recent tweets can be seen on the left sidebar). There is also a contact form where you can leave us a message – we welcome your feedback, whether it is about our events (past and future) or this blog itself. You’ll also notice I have removed the Events page. Details of future events will now appear as blog posts – this is the easiest way to publish them and you can receive automatic updates if you subscribe via email or follow our RSS feed.

Secondly, I have added a link to the IATEFL ESOL Special Interest Group blog. IATEFL is the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, and NATECLA is an Associate of IATEFL. The ESOL SIG is a group with a focus on ESOL teaching, with a dedicated committee. ESOL SIG are busy planning their Pre Conference Event for the Annual IATEFL Conference in Liverpool next month, to which I’ll be going, so more on this to follow!

Thirdly and finally, a small cosmetic change: I have changed the link to this blog’s Archives to being a drop down menu. I think it looks a bit better =)

So, what do you think? Are there any other ways to make this blog more user-friendly? Also, do you have any ideas for content that you’d like to see us put here?

Please leave a comment below or head over to the Contact page =)

~ Mike



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