Upcoming events from NATECLA London and others

Happy return to work, everyone!

We at NATECLA London hope everyone who is coming back after the holiday period in the UK and elsewhere had a restful couple of weeks and that the weather isn’t getting you down too much (very grey and wet as I look out the window this morning – Mike).

It’s an exciting start to 2014 for NATECLA London – we have our Spring day conference coming up, and details of some FREE professional development if you’re able to make it to London in February.

Swept under the carpet

The theme for the next big NATECLA London event is going to be based on those things that sometimes get overlooked in the ESOL sector, put upon as we sometimes are, encompassing areas as diverse as dealing with students’ different needs to exploring alternative pedagogical approaches. The event will take place on Saturday 8 March, so keep your eyes on this blog and our Twitter account @nateclaldn for more specific details in the coming weeks.

Educate out prejudice

NATECLA London’s Chair, Laila El-Metoui, is currently managing a project at Morley College in London and her team are busy organising a series of events and training dealing with equality and diversity issues and in particular an extensive programme leading up to LGBT History Month. You can read the latest update on the project here, which is hosted on the equalities toolkit website, a NIACE Equalities and Empowerment website ‘helping education and training providers develop better practice to meet the Public Sector Equality Duty’. You can read more about that here.

Celebrating differences:  Exploration of Equality and Diversity in the ESOL classroom

Laila is also delivering a seminar at Spring Gardens in London as part of the British Council’s series of FREE events for ELT professionals. The seminar takes place on Thursday 13 February from 6.30pm to 8.30pm:

This seminar will focus on strategies for integrating Equality and Diversity within your English teaching practice,[…]. Language acquisition can be hindered if learners are not in an environment which is conducive to fostering a welcoming atmosphere where all feel free to talk about themselves, their identities and personal lives. This is particularly relevant to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) ESOL students. However, ESOL learners can sometimes display strong homophobic views, linked to culture, religion and personal beliefs.

The event is FREE, but you do need to book a place and tickets for these events can sometimes go quite quickly. What are you waiting for?! Reserve a place here.

On behalf of all at NATECLA London wishing you a happy, healthy and stimulating 2014!

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