Swept Under the Carpet

Swept under the carpet

Whilst our learners come to classes to learn English, this can never be taught in isolation to their diverse and often complex needs, circumstances and experiences. But how far do our teaching environment and practice really recognise, understand and support these needs? How do we identify and deal with issues which possibly go beyond our remit of ESOL teachers, but which impact significantly on our students’ learning? At the next NATECLA London conference we will raise important questions around this theme and attempt to address some aspects of ESOL teaching which are too easily Swept Under The Carpet.

We will consider a range of topics which include learning difficulties and disabilities such as dyslexia, the social, cultural and cross-cultural aspects of students’ experiences which impact on learning, as well as issues specific to particular immigrant groups such as LGBT learners. We will also be discussing the funding situation which can manifest in target learners being excluded. The conference will incorporate both theoretical and practical perspectives and will provide an interactive forum with plenty of opportunities for participants to share their views, experiences and ideas.

Please join us at NATECLA London for yet another thought-provoking event.

We are expecting the conference to be popular – so book now!

Individual members £5 Institutional members £15 Non-members £50 Concessions £5

(NOTE that joining NATECLA costs from as little as £15 and is only £40 if you are a full time teacher – 18+ hrs per week teaching – JOIN HERE)

Preparations for our day conference on 8 March at Working Mens College are progressing. The Twitter hashtag for the event is #sweptesol.

Here is the programme for the day:

Swept Under the Carpet final programme

And here is a map to help find the venue:

Swept under the carpet 2


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